A Story You Can Really Hear: The Notebook or the Laptop? A Brief Commentary On Note-taking.

Download link for the Audio!

Oh hey, look, a bright and shiny blue hyperlink!!  Doesn’t it just scream “Click me” very loudly in Barry Manilow’s voice?  Of course it does!!  It also screams “Grade this post with an A+” but I’ve been told that one might not be as prominent as the voice of Barry Manilow commanding you to click it immediately.

Now this is an audio story, and you lucky readers will get to hear my horrid voice, recorded through Audacity.  Aren’t you absolutely excited?

The story in question ties in with this article on pen and paper versus the laptop for taking notes, and how taking notes with a laptop may surprisingly be a worse idea than doing it conventionally!

For this I interviewed Robert Thomas, a fellow OU student and JRN major and a pretty swell guy all-around.  Unfortunately, my recording equipment I had with me decided to go the way of bipartisanship and not work when I needed it the most, so Mister Thomas’s voice is sadly not present.  Fortunately I was able to get a transcript of our interview, which I will put up for download should there be enough of a demand.

And for those of you music-savvy listeners, the song in question is called “Exponential Entrophy.”  Happy listening!