Data Story: Cyberbullying and How Adolescents Cope With It

Hello there, my beloved viewers!  It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  I’m sure you’re all doing well and are as beautiful as you always have been.  Now, while I’m sure you’d love to have me compliment you all day, that’s not what you’re here for, is it?  No, of course not–you’re here to see what it is that I have to post about today, be it because you’re a regular who for some reason enjoys what I have to say, or you’re my professor and you’re judging me on this!  And today’s topic is quite the doozy: How adolescents handle stress online!
Now, the digital age is in full swing and adolescent kids are spending lots of time online.  Social media, online games, phone apps, and all manner of things captivate them and have them exploring the digital world sometimes more than the real one.  Unfortunately, the online realm is also the perfect stage for bullying and drama due in no small part to the anonymity of the setting.  Of course, this occurs at all ages and to all people.  But for adolescents, it can be a whole different story: these things occurring at a time where hormones and emotions run wild and outbursts and drama are the name of the game cause a particularly large amount of stress among young men and women.  Unfortunately, this sometimes can end in tragedy.  Without proper ways to deal with the stress, even those who live through it all can experience lasting psychological effects.
This fantastic study by The Reflective Educator is a good idea of the average age adolescents will experience cyberbullying; I recommend giving it a view. But more importantly, how is it that adolescents in the digital era cope with all this stress?
Now, I’ve created a handy image for you folks detailing the types of cyberbullying young people face, as well as solutions offered to them, as listed by a 2015 Sage Journal study.  Feel free to peruse!!

The study in question is what identified all of the above, and gives a bit more detail than what we have here.  It’s a great follow-up for this post!
That’s about all the time and word limit I have today, my lovely readers.  You all have a lovely day, and remember: there’s no wrong way to eat an Oreo!